who’ve ridden it.
Becky Daniels
Urbanglide – 08/06/2023
It’s truly remarkable – the Urban Glide Ultra lives up to its price. Every ride feels as smooth as strolling on the moonlit surface. I experience boundless energy while riding (thanks to the Bafang motor, I’ve heard). The detachable battery makes charging a breeze, and I no longer have to struggle to move the bike to the charging point.
Heidi R
Urbanglide – 07/02/2023
I purchased myself the Urban Glide Ultra, supposedly their newest model, and I’m genuinely stoked about its features. The toolkit they threw in is pretty nifty, packed with all sorts of tools – I’ve found it handy for putting together other stuff too. And that removable battery? Big thumbs up – it’s a total game-changer for easy charging.
Urbanglide – 06/12/2023
One reason I went with the Urban Glide Pro was its tough rear rack – just what I needed for my toolbox. Super handy and I’m totally digging it!
Earl Taulbee
City vanture – 08/05/2023
This is an awesome bike! It is whisper quiet with the belt drive. Everything is well made and strongly built. I highly recommend this bike!
Ulrik Munk
City vanture – 07/24/2022
This bike is a very good build quality and easy to put together. Work fine with out any proplems. I am very satisfyied
Lee Clarke
City vanture – 06/25/2023
As someone who struggles with cycling I was a little unsure as to how much of a difference an ebike would make. The City Vanture impressed me no end. I travelled 30 miles on a single charge and it took a lot of the leg work out of the trip. The styling of the bike is superb and at first glance you would not believe it was an ebike. The gates carbon drive train is excellent. With it being single speed hills over 10% require effort but it was good to feel like you had excersized after the ride. Very happy with the bike

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