Personalized health care, driven by your genetics

Get a comprehensive health analysis, custom care plan, and a dedicated team of providers to help you achieve optimal health.

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Discover Your Optimal Health

Decode your DNA to unlock better health

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Nutrition + Supplements

After a comprehensive medical intake and genetic analysis, we provide personalized recommendations around your nutrition and supplement regimen to support optimal performance.

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Metabolism + Training

We help you understand the best training methods for your body – which workouts to do, how to facilitate muscle recovery, and what your sensitivity is to certain supplements.

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Sleep + Mindfulness

Our health plans also consider mental health and sleep quality. We determine your circadian rhythm, sleep requirements, and optimal sleep conditions for energy and longevity.

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What is Precision Medicine?

Personalized health plans for optimal wellbeing

Precision Medicine is a genetics-based approach to personalized care. Informed by biometrics, genomics, and lifestyle factors, our health plans include individualized recommendations for diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, disease risk reduction, and more.

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