Smart Thermometer

GoveeLife Smart Thermometer R1, Model: H5108&B5108
Why Choose 24/7 Instant Alarms?Upgrade to unmatched precision and convenience. Ensure the safety of your frozen goods with instant alerts and seamless monitoring. You’ll enjoy easy installation, smart adjustments, and 2 years of free data storage, making this the ultimate freezer companion. Discover a worry-free storage experience with the GoveeLife Wi-Fi Freezer Thermometer Alarm.
24/7 Instant Alarms: The freezer thermometer sends app and email alerts when temperatures rise or drop outside preset ranges.
Monitor Temperature Anywhere: Keep track of temperature data in real time from anywhere with Govee Home App without a subscription.
Upgraded Accuracy Probe: Our wide measuring range of -40° to 199°F with ±0.9°F / 0.5°C accuracy ensures data is reliable.
Smart Anti-False Alarm: The anti-false alarm allows the freezer alarm to notify you after 1-10 minutes of temperature overrun.
Easy to Place: The unique holder reduces messy cables and secures the probe inside the freezer.
2-Year Data Storage: The Wi-Fi freezer thermometer supports online data graphs and exporting data from the past 2 years.

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